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Can a Cell Phone Video of Your Arrest Help Your Criminal Defense? 

Oct. 12, 2022

Until recently, if someone was arrested, there was no record of the arrest beyond what the police included in an official report. If there were problems with the arrest, the defendant could argue their case, but it wasn’t easy to prove anything—even if there were eyewitnesses. However, the proliferation of video cameras in recent years has changed the game. Now, it’s more likely than not that an arrest will be caught on video. If you’ve been arrested, can a video of the arrest help in your criminal defense? There’s no automatic “Yes” or “No” on that front. 

Multiple Videos Can Help or Hurt Your Case 

There may be multiple sources of video. There may be a dash camera in a police car, or the arresting officers may have worn body cameras. Security cameras from nearby stores and office buildings may have recorded the arrest. Bystanders may have also witnessed and recorded the event. 

Because each of these cameras will capture the arrest from a different angle, experienced attorneys like those at the Law Office of Kenneth W Mullen PC will want to see as many videos as possible as they build your defense. Video that shows police officers deviating from procedure, for example, or behaving violently, could play an important role in your case. 

Your attorneys will also need to see any video evidence that could hurt your case rather than help it. For example, footage showing you that you resisted arrest or were in possession of contraband such as drugs or weapons will certainly be used against you by the prosecution. Knowing what the videos show will help your legal team anticipate the prosecution’s case and prepare a strong rebuttal. 

Get Help from an Experienced Texas Criminal Defense Attorney 

If you’ve been arrested, you should get an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will analyze all the relevant facts and laws to come up with the best strategy for you, no matter the circumstances. An experienced criminal defendant can make all the difference. Contact the Law Office of Kenneth W Mullen PC for a free consultation